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Codilight Lite is a news magazine style WordPress theme which is a perfect option to create any kind of magazine or blog websites.
List of standard features come with the theme
Theme Customizer
Quickly change aspects of the design with a built-in customizer.
Complete Localization
Translate the theme into the language of your choice.
HTML5 and CSS3
Latest advanced functionality available with HTML5 and CSS3.
SEO Optimized
Our themes are optimized for SEO so you’ll stand out from the crowd.
Page Speed Optimized
Don't fall behind your competitors, all of our themes are optimized for speed.
Custom Page Templates
Page templates giving you access to pre-made styles and functions.
Browser Compatibility
We made sure our themes are tested in all modern browsers.
Custom Theme Widgets
Custom and customizable widgets are part of our never ending mission.
Top Notch Support
Each theme that you purchase comes with 1 year of priority support.

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